How does your Video Content fit within your Sales Funnel

Take a minute to find out where your video content fits within your sales funnel procedure.

Does your video clip fit within the top of the funnel? Are you using the video to build trust and also reputation?

Does your video fit within the center of the funnel? Is it asking people to turn over their e-mail in exchange for your material?

Or, does your video clip fit within all-time low of the funnel? Is it selling your solutions or products?

Creating Video content with objective, and also you will find you will obtain much better results with your sales, lead generation and your ROI.

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About this video:

In this video Tony Slater from Business Video Creators shares that Case study videos can be highly effective ways of promoting and marketing and showcasing what you do best. Case study video focuses how you’ve helped a client or customer and tells a story behind it so what makes and effective case study video.

Before you think about putting together a case study video for your business here are 5 things you might want to consider.

You want to be choosing your best clients to appear on your case study video.

You want clients that are willing and open to talk about
how youve helped them and by doing this youll add real kudos
to your company story.

Most companies and business owners are time poor
and will find it hard to allocate the time to participate in a video
so what about offering them discount on your services
or products?

If they are participating in the case study video after all it is part of your marketing so it wont break the bank and it will also keep them in their good books when they come to use you

This is a key question to ask in your case study video, this will ensure that your client opens up and talks about your service in more detail
instead of just asking them questions when they say you are great and your doing a good job

Youll get more detail in the answer and a fuller case study video.
You ideally want to capture your target audiences attention and keep them thereso keep your case study videos nice and brief and dont make them too long

How do you want to get your videos out there ?
case study videos are highly effective put in to things like email campaigns

Did you know that by putting video in your emails subject line will increase open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%

So as you can see case study videos can be a highly effective way of marketing your business but you need to think about these things before you produce them